VentureSpace Coworking in Norman, OK

The Benefits of Coworking: 8 Reasons to Get a Membership at VentureSpace in Norman, OK

The Lounge always has coffee flowing!

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Remote work provides freedom and flexibility to take control of your professional environment.

Working from home, on the road, or in coffee shops is fun for a while, but those surroundings can be unpredictable and chaotic. 

VentureSpace provides the benefits of coworking at an affordable rate: stability, predictability, and convenience when you need it. 

We are proud to office in the historic Rail House in downtown Norman and we think you’re going to love the blended rustic and modern feel of our coworking space.

One of the benefits of coworking: Several comfy corners for working on your laptop.

8 Benefits of Coworking at VentureSpace Norman:

Benefit 1: Structure to Boost Productivity

VentureSpace provides a physical work environment to help you get your mind in “the zone” for uninterrupted flow, deep work, and boosting productivity. 

A coworking space membership gives you the structure you need to eliminate the potential distractions of remote work. Plus, the coffee is always flowing in our lounge to fuel the rise-and-grind!

Working from home has its perks, but sometimes home life gets in the way too much: no quiet spaces to concentrate, the kids or pets begging for attention, or getting carried away with chores around the house.

Benefit 2: Flexible Hours

VentureSpace offers memberships with 24/7 access to clean, well-equipped conference rooms so you don’t have to worry about finding meeting rooms for rent any longer! Meet on your schedule, on your terms, and get work done!

It’s a challenge to find a conference room to rent after hours, but sometimes important collaborations happen at odd hours of the day or night!

Benefit 3: Stronger Boundaries Between Home Life/Work Life

One of the most important benefits of coworking at VentureSpace is the physical space that you need between your home life and work life. 

Leave your work at the office so you can be more present for your loved ones at home. 

Benefit 4: More Polished, Professional Image

VentureSpace provides access to office space and resources that give your business a more polished and professional image. 

Select memberships come with a business mailing address, reserved desks, dedicated office space, and generous access to conference rooms. We also have a podcasting studio/Zoom room available for all members!

Benefits of coworking: rent a desk part-time

No more meetings at noisy coffeehouses! 

No more home address on your business mail! 

No more scrambling to clean up your home office before that next video conference!

Benefit 5: Access to Ergonomic Set-ups

A coworking membership gives you access to ergonomic set-ups, like standing desks and other quality office furniture. 

Working from the sofa sounds nice, in theory, but a lack of proper posture and bad hand/arm position while typing can lead to injury over the long term. 

Benefit 6: Easy Commute/Parking and Proximity to Great Restaurants

No one has time to fight downtown Oklahoma City traffic and scarce parking to get to the office. 

VentureSpace provides a low-hassle experience with easy parking and a local commute for residents of Norman and the surrounding areas. 

Get the best of both worlds with an easy commute AND downtown amenities at VentureSpace coworking space! 

There are many restaurants, shops, and parks nearby. Campus Corner is a three-minute drive or a ten-minute walk away! Or get away from the office for a picnic at June Benson Park, only a six-minute walk away.  

Benefit 7: Community

One of the most valuable benefits of a coworking membership is the community you join. You never know where this networking opportunity will take you!

Find like-minded professionals in the Norman area at VentureSpace. Your fellow coworking members understand the hustle. Having a group of people to talk shop with is energizing and encouraging!

Benefit 8: Intellectual Stimulation

Serendipitous interactions and spontaneous conversations could spark your next big business idea!

Simply being in a creative environment where everyone else is driven to succeed will give you a little extra motivation to keep striving and stay focused on your goals and dreams. 

Ready to reap the benefits of coworking? 

Give VentureSpace a trial run today with our FREE day pass

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