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The 10 Commandments of Coworking: Lessons Learned from our Office Space in Norman

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Coworking is a fairly new concept, but it’s taking off fast! We know that it can be difficult to dive into new experiences, so we’ve asked several members of VentureSpace, our office space in Norman, about their time here and to share their thoughts on Coworking and what they’ve taken from it.

Presenting, The Ten Commandments of Coworking: Lessons Learned From Our Office Space in Norman.

*Do* bounce ideas off of your fellow coworkers.

What are coworkers for? Obviously, respect people’s boundaries, but there’s bound to be someone (more likely, quite a few people) who would be interested in hearing about what you’re working on. Look for a coworker whom you enjoy working with, and take some time to talk about your projects. It’s a huge perk of working around other dedicated people.

*Don’t* disregard networking.

You never know who you might meet. Future collaborators, trusted confidants, and like-minded people can be found in office spaces. You never know what’s in the cards for your business, so don’t forget that every interaction could lead to something great.

*Do* commission your fellow coworkers if there’s a service you need that they can provide.

Just as it’s almost always easier to have specialized work done in-house, it is certainly worth looking to the people you work with every day for elements that you require for your projects. Looking for the right creative to design your website, or photograph your work for example (just a few examples from our office space in Norman) can be a pain.

It might be a great thing, then, that you’ve become familiar with the talents of your fellow workspace members! After all, this experience isn’t just about warm bodies sharing desks. We should all support each other!

*Don’t* get distracted at home.

Some people can focus well at home, but many find that working at home has drawbacks. There are constant reminders of everyday life in your home workspace.

It’s easy to get distracted by your personal to-dos, and therefore spend less time on your professional work! Shared office spaces can help set boundaries that will allow you to remain productive throughout the day.

*Do* take advantage of the environment you’re in.

Sharing space with others can provide a kind of mutual accountability. If your work besties are busy getting things done, why shouldn’t you? A professional atmosphere can help you accomplish tasks. In our office space in Norman, we share a calm and warm environment that is perfect for keeping focus.

*Don’t* forget to factor in the financial benefits of sharing a space.

Let’s be honest here– you’re paying more for snacks and drinks in the local coffee shop that you’re working in right now than you would be in our office space in Norman, VentureSpace. A coffee, another coffee, and some snacks here and there. Whoops! Now you’ve spent $10-20 in one work day, which can come out to $50-100 in a five-day work week!

You know what would be better? A real professional workplace that’s not meant for gossiping over beverages. VentureSpace memberships start at $100 a MONTH, compared to the $100 you’re spending each WEEK right now. And as an added bonus: here at VentureSpace you can still get snacks and coffee. Say, what?!

Office Space in Norman - Our coffee bar / kitchenette is in the Member Lounge.

*Do* stay fueled for your day.

That’s right: free coffee and snacks. No more excuses about spending a chunk of your income on your caffeine addiction. At our office space in Norman the coffee and snacks are included. This amenity is available with every membership!

*Don’t* forget conference rooms and other spaces.

VentureSpace isn’t just for individual work. Our members enjoy easy access to private meeting rooms when they need them. Most memberships allow for frequent access to these areas.

*Do* Impress your clients with the space.

Our members have expressed that it’s a perk of being part of a coworking space to be able to show clients their professional work in a professional space. This allows them to put their best foot forward to clients, and see many of them return later.

Don’t forget to make friends– really!

We are speaking from experience: people at our office space in Norman are amazing folks. It makes it easier to come to work when you know people there that you enjoy being around will also be there.

Now that you know a little more about what people here love about coworking, we hope that you will give it a shot! There’s so much to like for such a low cost, especially at VentureSpace!

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