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How to Choose the Right Office Space in Norman – Part 1

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If you’re looking for a single office space in Norman, Oklahoma, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before making any final decisions. Getting an office space can be a huge commitment, and you don’t want to wind up in a place that will stifle the growth of your business while being an ongoing hassle to deal with. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options depending on the size of your team and range of business needs.

This isn’t a decision to rush. You’ll want to wind up with an office that feels like it will serve you, your team, and your company well over the next 3 – 5 years at least. The last thing you’d want to do is find an office that winds up being problematic and frustrating, resulting in you having to move within the first year or two. You and your company deserve peace of mind, so it’s important to think through this part of the process.

Let’s take a look at a few key details to look out for as you start looking for a single office to rent in Norman, Oklahoma.

Location, Location, Location

Finding an office not far from your home is just the beginning when it comes to finding the right location for your new office space. You wouldn’t want to get settled at a new office only to realize you’re not close to a lot of convenient businesses that make work life more enjoyable.

At VentureSpace, we’re within walking distance of dozens of great food options, so if you need an office space in Norman, sign up for a day pass and stop by to see what offices are available. Downtown Norman is right down the street, so you always have plenty of great options whether you need breakfast, lunch, dinner, or want to grab a few drinks with your friends.

Nearby Shops & Services

Before choosing an office space, take a look at the surrounding area on Google Maps or on foot so you can see what’s available. Or maybe take a drive around the area to gauge whether or not you have everything you’d want for work and personal life.

Some services to look out for depending on your needs are:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Printing, photocopying, and faxing
  • Mailing and shipping
  • Farmer’s market
  • Amazon Hub locations for receiving packages outside of normal business hours
  • Automotive repair
  • Gas stations
  • Day care and pet care
  • A good variety of exciting restaurants to make use of

If you find an office that has all of those services available nearby, you’ll appreciate that convenience down the road. The least convenient time to realize you need something dry cleaned is when the nearest location would add 45 minutes to your commute, and you wouldn’t want to have only a few lunch options that you might grow tired of after a few months.

Take some extra time to ensure your next office will continue feeling like an exciting place to work after a few years. The downtown Norman area near us has plenty of great lunch options, and there are plenty of useful services within a mile or two in case an oddly specific business or personal need pops up.

There are plenty of other logistics to consider when renting an office in Norman, Oklahoma. In our next article, we’ll talk about the risks of leasing, beneficial amenities, and workplace culture!

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