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Beautiful Coworking Spaces from Around the World – Part 2: Crew Collective & Cafe

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Montreal is known for its old-world charm, and this often shows up in the form of beautiful architecture. As Canada’s second-most populous city, locals and visitors alike will experience modern culture intertwined with deeply rooted history. It is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the country, providing a vibrant lifestyle rich with French-Canadian culture, tourist attractions, ski resorts, and so much more.

Crew Collective & Cafe in Montreal

One particular building worth visiting is the Crew Collective & Cafe. This truly breathtaking coworking space is located in a heritage building that was once the Royal Bank of Canada. In addition to private offices and their open coworking area, Crew provides a variety of meeting and conference rooms. There’s also a coffee shop open to the public, plus a venue for special events. All of this is brought together within dazzling historical architecture, resulting in a truly inspiring place to work on your next phase of professional evolution.

A Cafe With Everything You Need

Among the wide range of amenities that Crew offers to their members is a cafe right inside the coworking space. In addition to their thirst-quenching and stimulating beverages, the cafe offers many mouth-watering meals made with fresh, local ingredients so you can grab a bite to eat between meetings or grab a table for lunch while admiring the incredible architecture.

Vaulted Ceilings & Room for Growth

You’ll have a hard time not feeling inspired while working at a place like Crew Collective. Everywhere you look results in breathtaking views where modern coworking and technology blends beautifully with historic architecture styling. This isn’t the type of coworking space to show up and clock some hours. A place like Crew Collective is where ideas are brought to life and nurtured towards greatness.

With vaulted ceilings all over the space and windows reaching almost as tall, Crew Collective’s atmosphere instills a sense of awe and wonder that motivates you towards building something grand, beautiful, and meaningful. You won’t just want to work here. You’ll aspire to have an impact that enriches the world around you.

Unforgettable Events

From weddings to corporate events, from photo shoots to creative workshops, Crew Collective is the perfect place to host all sorts of events. Every step you take inside this space provides so many ornate and elegant sights to behold, augmenting any event from an everyday gathering to a place where life-long memories are formed.

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